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Private training and mentorship for motivated designers wanting to reach the next level.
"$20,000 using resources from Pait Pro"
"Best investment I could have made"
"Pait Pro has been life changing"

What's inside...


Zero fluff trainings from industry experts that are packed full of knowledge you won't find anywhere else.


Your chance to ask questions and get solutions to your biggest roadblocks. We shoot to do these 3-4 times per month.


Access our library of amazing resources that will help you run your business. This includes templates, documents, checklists and more.


Safe, spam-free community for conversations, feedback and genuine support. You are going to feel right at home.

Learn from the best

Jesse Showalter
Grace Walker
John Saunders
Timothy Ricks
Rob O'Rourke
Arnau Ros
Joseph Berry
Connor Finlayson
+ tons more

Currently available:

Web Designer 2.0
By Payton Clark Smith
How To Build a Perfect Portfolio
By Payton Clark Smith
Secrets To Six-Figure Freelancing
By Payton Clark Smith
SEO Basics for Designers
By Payton Clark Smith
Expert Layouts and Responsiveness
By Timothy Ricks
Sales Conversations and Closing Deals
By Rob O'Rourke
10X Your Design Efficiency
By Payton Clark Smith
Build Your Brand as a Designer
By Jesse Showalter
Essential Elements of Engaging Websites
By Grace Walker
Become a Designpreneur
By Payton Clark Smith
How to Build a Booming Design Agency
By John D. Saunders
How To Productize Design Services
By Fernando Alvarez Jr.


How to Grow on Youtube as a Designer
By Payton Clark Smith
Coming June
Epic Interactions and Animations
By Joseph Berry
Coming June
Communication For Designers
By Payton Clark Smith
Coming July
Automation to Level Up Your Webflow Projects
By Connor Finlayson
Coming July
Creating and Selling Courses as a Designer
By Payton Clark Smith
Coming July
Evgenii Tilipman

Since enrolling, I landed a big UX/UI client which has brought me $3000 of revenue within the first 2 weeks of our contract.

Muqtada Sama

Pait Pro has been life-changing. I have had the chance to work with amazing people, land new projects and get feedback from experts so I can jump to the next level.

Pait Pro is a 100% pure value

Ramon Liriano Jr.

In just the last 30 days we have produced $20,000 using resources from Pait Pro. Honestly, it has been a blessing!

The price for everything that's being offered is outrageously economical.

Farah Budd

I’ve been part of Pait Pro since it started and it has already had a profound effect on my business.

I'm now booking calls and am so pleased to be part of this tribe.

Aiden Cowie

Becoming a member of Pait Pro was one of the best things I could have done to increase my skills and further my business.

I would highly recommend Pait Pro to every web designer at any level.

Harsh Makwana

Pait Pro is the best investment I could have made in myself.

Not only has it helped boost my skillset as a designer, it has also connected me with agency founders globally.

Nick Hollenbeck

I went from charging $1-$2k per website to just last week signing a contract for a $9k website!

Since joining Pait Pro I’ve increased my prices and have landed a few of my largest clients.

Miro Nj

This is a very nice and helpful community and the courses are amazing. All of them provide beneficial skills.

This has helped me transition to my full-time job in IBM. So many thanks for you and your team Payton!

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Join today to get these 🔥 bonuses

Bonus #1
46 Ways to Find Web Design Clients (V.2)
Bonus #2
The Ultimate Proposal Template (V.1)
Google Slides
Bonus #3
Profitable Design Niches List (V.2)
What if I don’t like it?

We are so sure you are going to love Pait Pro that we will guarantee it! All you have to do is get in and watch one full training. If you don't absolutely love it we will refund your money and you can keep all the resources inside!

The only stipulation is this refund must be requested within 30 days of purchase.

How many trainings are there?

Every month there is one core training. This training will dictate much of our community conversation and typically have unique resources attached.

We determined that it was more beneficial to offer one mind-blowing training than a bunch of mediocre ones with content you already know.

All trainers are vetted, paid well, and given sufficient time and resources to create incredible trainings.

What do I get when I join?

When you join, you get immediate access to your Pait Pro dashboard.

This portal has recording of all past trainings, resources and promised bonuses.

You will also get instant access to the design brief for the current design challenge.

Once you become a member, you can join the private Facebook group to begin connecting with other members.

Can I cancel?

Of course! You have complete freedom to cancel whenever you wish. This can be done right inside your dashboard.

If you are on a month-to-month plan, you can cancel and your membership will end at the end of the billing period.

If you have chosen an annual plan, you can cancel and maintain access until the end of that 12 month plan.

Do you ever do discounts?

Nope! We will never offer any discounts.

In fact, as more trainings and resources are added to the program, the price to join will increase. By joining now, you lock in this price for life.

How is this different than other courses?

This is not a course. It is an ever-growing platform that provides training, resources and a community of supportive designers.

The benefits of this are...

  • It's cheaper. There is a lower barrier of entry to join and start learning and getting results.

  • It is updated every month so the content and conversations stay current.

  • You get access to other designers and agency owners to collaborate and ask for help.

  • You get to be part of a close-knit community and movement.

  • You get training from different experts! This means you learn different topics from different types of people which makes learning more effective and enjoyable.

Who is this for?

Any and all designers! Freelancers, employees, side-gigers, newbies and old pros are all welcome! Anyone and everyone that loves design will find value here.

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Hi! I’m Payton,

I am a designer (just like you) and the founder of Pait Pro!

I started building websites back in 2017 as a side gig and it slowly grew into a full-fledged agency called Pait Digital that serves clients all over the world.

I have learned a lot over the years about growing a business, landing clients, managing projects and delivering good work.

I have also met some other pretty awesome designers along the way that have taught me a lot.

I built Pait Pro to bring all of these lessons and people together in to one place so designers like you can learn faster and more effectively than I did.

Together I feel like we can raise the bar on how web designers are percieved and how much we get paid.

It is my hope that this platform brings you more value that a 4 year university for just $47/mo.

Come join the movement!